How do I follow Gumroad creators?

Every breath you take, every product you make, I'll be buying from you.
-Sting (in reference to his favorite Creators on Gumroad)

If you buy from Gumroad creators frequently, you probably want to be in the loop the next time they launch another incredible offering. Joining their mailing list is a huge commitment, and honestly, who uses Twitter these days? Don't worry, Gumroad has you covered.

If you want to be updated every time a Gumroad creator adds new products, simply click the Follow button on their page.

Now you'll receive an email every time the creator reaches out to you. To see all the creators you follow in one comprehensive simply sign into Gumroad, click your name and then Following from the dropdown menu.

It's the icon of two geometric bodies - or, if you're into a fan of cruel Victorian freak shows, it's the icon depicting conjoined twins (one smaller than the other).

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From there, you'll see everyone you follow, with links to their profile pages.

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