Adding Shipping Costs to a Physical Product

Set 'em up!

Go to Options tab of your product. Under Shipping destinations, click Add a shipping destination. From the dropdown menu, select a destination country. Then, set a shipping price to that country. You can add as many destinations as you'd like. Only buyers located in the countries that you've added as a shipping destination will be able to purchase your product. If you'd like to make your product available worldwide, add the destination "Elsewhere" and to set a shipping price accordingly. Similarly, if you'd like to charge a single shipping price globally, just add that to the destination "Elsewhere."

As soon as your customer enters their shipping address when purchasing your product, the appropriate shipping cost will be automatically added to the total price.

You'll need to set at least one shipping destination before you can publish your physical product. If you want to offer free shipping worldwide, simply add the shipping destination "Elsewhere" and set the shipping cost to $0.

Shipping for multiple quantities

In the Alone field,set the shipping cost for one of your products, by itself. The field With others represents how much shipping will cost for each additional product your customers buy, if they buy more than one of this product at a time.

In the example above, the shipping cost within the United States is $5Alone, and $2 With others, so shipping will cost $5 to buy one item, $7 for two items, $9 for three, and so on.

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