Designing Your Product Page

Get to the product page

You can preview a product's page any time by either hitting the diagonal arrows next to its name on your Products page, or clicking Preview while editing your product.

Style your page

All styling and alterations are made on the left-hand side of the product page. The payment form can be changed in the form at the top, and all color and background decisions are made by Mr. Box down at the bottom. Let's show him some appreciation quickly...

You can quickly change the colors of your background and "buy now" button. Or upload a background image for your product - make it as big as possible to fill out your customers' screens. When you're satisfied with everything, click Update and move up to the Buying Flow.

Product Preview

Under Buying flow, you can quickly choose from one of four marvelousBuy buttons from the drop-down menu, and click Update to save.

Along with your cover image or video, and awe-inspiring product description, it's a good idea to change the attributes of your product. In the left hand side of the page, under 1. Product preview, you can edit this information.

For example, here's a typical ebook file:

This doesn't appear to be the most compelling product. But by clicking int the main text box, I can truly give my ebook the impressive description it deserves. I can also delete the existing attributes and create my own. This can also be useful if Gumroad's big computer brain, for whatever reason, mistakenly enters the wrong file size for your product.

After clicking Update, my changes will go live, and my product's description will now be complete. Now you can go ahead and edit the Payment form.

Payment Form

Optimize for Conversion

Gumroad by default optimizes your payment form to increase sales on all devices. We've found that conversion rates are impacted when customers are forced to enter their full name on mobile devices, but unaffected on desktops (see below).

When a customer lands on your product page from a mobile device and isn't required to enter their full name, we won't force them to enter that field, thus increasing your sales!

By clicking the words Optimize for conversion, you can Alwaysshow the name field, regardless of device, if you are for example:

  • Building a mailing list and need to know your customer's names
  • Offering a free product and want to know who's taking advantage of this smokin' deal
  • Verifying that your high school crush has finally noticed your creative endeavors

Click it again to Never show the name field - for mobile or desktop, for times when you are:

  • Trying to reduce the number of fields your customers have to fill in
  • Offering a free product and don't care who's taking advantage of this smokin' deal

Custom Fields

Creating a custom field on your purchase receipt for the purposes of getting more information from your customer - i.e. their preferred T-shirt color, their shipping address, or their A/S/L - is easy!
Underneath the dropdown Payment Form, type over "Enter Placeholder" the message you want your customers to answer, and click the box to require that box to be filled out before purchasing.

If you simply want to require your customers to enter shipping information, you can tick the box Require Shipping Information.

All of this information will be available in any CSV you download from your Customers tab. Learn more about exporting customer data here.

Click Update to save changes. To delete a custom field, simply highlight the text and hit backspace.


To leave a message for your customers, or provide them with important links or even offer codes for other products of yours, go to your product's Preview page. Under 3. Receipt, type over the grey text. Your receipt will automatically update (because it's very smart).

Click Update to save your changes.

Custom CSS

Looking to customize your product page even further? You can enter your own CSS snippets in the advanced settings of your account. Not a CSS whiz? Click here for some commonly used CSS snippets.

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