How do I make updates to my product?

As humans, we must continuously improve ourselves. And every so often, this drive compels us to improve our products on Gumroad.

To update your product, simply open up its edit page on your login screen. Click Add more files, upload your updated file (from Dropbox, your computer's hard drive, or from your existing files) and click Save changes. When you click this, Gumroad will ask you to send an update to your current customers.

Your customers will receive an email from you with a download link. They will be able to download the updated product again for free. You cannot compel your customers to pay for this updated version of the file - in order to do this, you would have to create an entirely new product.

You can also opt to not send them a notification. If you'd like to email them later from your Updates tab, you can choose to do so. You can stylize or customize the text of the message you send out through the Updates tab, but not from the Edit page.

If you are updating a PDF that has PDF Stamping applied to all sales, fear not! Your customers, when downloading your updated PDF, will still have their email addresses stamped on the front page of the file.

Updating a product will not change its URL or affect links to it in any way. Once you've added files and clicked Save changes, you will not have to update links to your product or change any Overlay script.

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